Figs-Cranberry Bread
Juicy Sweet Figs and
Sweet Sour Cranberries
covered in a mild Sourdough Bread
New bread books can be a real time problem - especially when there are too many interesting recipes which are added to the "plan to bake" list. I recently bought the book "bourke street bakery" by Paul Allem and David McGuinness.
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The content surprises with many nice recipes and animated images. I immediately started with the baking and selected the figs barberry bread. I replaced the barberries by Cranberries. The authors are owners of the  Bourke Street Bakery in Sydney.

  • makes about 400 g. of Wheat Sourdough - only 180 g. are needed for the recipe. Just calculate back accordingly if you just want to make 180 g. Additonally 85 g. of Rye Sourdough is needed which can be made exactly the same way, just replace the Wheat Flour by Rye Flour. I used the same Wheat Starter - it doesn't matter.
    • One Day before the baking day at 1 pm
      • 50 g. Mature Sourdough Starter
      • 25 g. Bread-Flour (for myself i use a mixture of 50% Whole Grain Wheat Flour and  50% (0,36 parts Zopfmehl and 0,64 parts of Halbweissmehl) - which is then similar to the All-Purpose-Flour or 550 in Germany)
      • 25 g. Water
      • let it rest at room temperature (20 - 24 degree)
    •  continue at 9 pm on the day before baking day
      • 100 g. of refreshed starter from 1 pm
      • 50 g. Bread Flour (50% All-Purpose and 50% Whole Grain Flour)
      • 50 g. Water
      • let it rest at room temperature (20 - 24 degree) 
    • Next day, baking day, 6 am
      • 200 g. of the refreshed starter form the previous day
      • 100 g. Bread Flour
      • 100 g. Water
      • let it again rest at room temperature until the starter is mature - this may take about 6 hours or more. You can do the float-test - therefore take on teaspoon of starter and put it in a glass of water. If it remains on the top then your starter is mature and you can us it for baking. 
  • 180 g. Wheat Sourdough according to the schedule above 
  • 85 g. Rye Sourdough (i have used whole-grain-rye-sourdouh as i was making a whole-grain bread in parallel - otherwise similar to the wheat sourdough) 
  • 345 g. All-Purpose-Flour (0,36 parts Zopfmehl and 0,64 parts of Halbweissmehl in Switzerland or flour 550 in Germany) 
  • 184 g. Water 
  • 9 g. Salt 

Additional Ingredients 
  • 20 g. Cranberries, dried 
  • 40 g. Raisins, dried 
  • 150 g. Figs, dried and cutted in slices
Stir the flour, water and wheat sourdough together and let rest for 30 minutes (autolysis). Then knead for 10 minutes on the lower level. Add salt and kneed about 3 - 5 minutes until the salt is incorporated. Now add the dried fruit and rye sourdough and kneed it inot the dough carefully, either by using the food processer or by hand. 
Let it rest for 2 hours (bulk fermentation) and make one stretch & fold after one hour. Preform the dough into two balls and let it relax for 15 minutes. Then stretch it to a rectangle, then turn two sided 1/3 to the middle and roll it up while pressing after every turn to the final shape as batard.
Let it rest seem side up on a linen.
Retard 8 to 12 hours in a refrigerator at 5 degrees or let it rise at warm temperature about 1.5 hours at 28 - 30 (finger test).Warning: Only the lower part of your fridge will have 5 degree. After retarding, let it again rise at warm room temperature until the dough is mature for baking.

Bake at 270 degrees dropping to 220 degrees with a lot of steam 30 minutes. Drain after 20 minutes the steam.

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