Spelt-Rye-Wheat 100% Whole Grain Bread

100% Whole Grain with Spelt, Rye and Wheat
as well as Preferment and mild Sourdough -
fluffy and juicy crumb with great taste
In the original recipe a special Sourdough is used (Backferment). I have replaced this special sourdough with a rye-wheat sourdough and added a preferment with Whole-Grain Spelt Flour (from wild yeast / yeast water - no commercial yeast - see the instructions for how to prepare).
The bread is definitely benefiting from the changes i made. The crumb is juicy and open, the taste complex through preferment and sourdough. All different Flour and Grain is purchased at the Graf-Mühle at Maisprach in organic Quality. All whole grain flour is freshly milled at home.
The bread can also be made without the preferment - the original recipe does not use any yeast. As usual it is important to refresh the sourdough multiple times before it is used. I made very good experience with the three-stage-refreshing cycle, because it fits to a regular-working-time model. I have added the preferment not only to achieve a more open crumb but also to add additional flavor. In Switzerland we use a special kind of Spelt which is called "Urdinkel", a particular robust type of spelt which has a long tradition in the country. Spelt makes the bread more digestible and provides a balanced acid-base-balance. Rye brings rich and rustic flavor and wheat helps to makes the preparation easier.
This recipe makes about on loaf of 1240 g which fits into a 1-kg steel baking tin.

    • 525 g. Rye-Wheat-Sourdough (188g. Whole-Grain Rye Flour and 75 g. Whole Grain Wheat Flour - mixed) 
        • Keep the sourdough starter in a covered plastic box in the fridge - you can do that for 2 weeks without refreshing
        • For Refreshing, i use the following schedule - it gives you 525g. of starter
        • 2 days before baking day, let the starter relax at room temperature / remove it form the fridge
        • 1 day before baking day take 66 g. of your starter and add 33 g. of flour and 33 g. of Water at 1 pm (let it rest at room temperature)
        • at 9 pm add 66 g. of flour and 66 g. of water
        • at 6 am on the baking day, add 132 g. of flour and 132 g. of water and let it rest until the starter is mature
        • if you are not sure if the starter can be used, take a teaspoon and put in a glass of water - if it sinks down, it is not ready yet. If it stays at the surface - it is ready to use
    Preferment (refer to Wild Yeast / Wilde Hefe / Preferment / Vorteig )
      • 300 g. (150 g. Whole Grain Spelt Flour, 150 g. Water)
      • Sourdough + Preferment
      • 200 g. Whole Grain Spelt Flour
      • 100 g. Whole Grain Wheat Flour
      • 14 g. Salt
      • 100 g. warm water (35 to 38 degree)
    Prepare Sourdough and Preferment according the described schedule. On baking day, mix together sourdough, preferment, flour and water except salt and kneed for 10 minutes. Add the salt and continue for 8 minutes. Let it rest at room temperature (24 degree) for one hour. Shape it and put it in a floured baking tin. Let it again rest at warm temperature (30 degree) for about 45 minutes to one hour. 
    Bake at 270 degree dropping to 230 degree with steam one hour.

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    1. I love the combination of wheat, rye and spelt and your use of preferments is intriguing. It worked amazingly well: you got a beautiful crumb. I am definitely going to give this bread a go. I mill my own spelt and don't ever sift, so hopefully the resulting flour will approach the one you find in Switzerland.

    2. Hi MC, thank you. The spelt is growing close to where i live and it is organic. I directly buy at the farm. I am sure you will have the same result or even better - the taste may be different. This is probably not he most exciting bread but it has a great taste and you can easily eat it over one to two weeks without any loss of taste.