Bread of Canton Lucern

Bread of Canton Lucern  
Knusprig und Lecker /
Delicious Crispy Crust and open Crumb 
with a wide range of flavor
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Wheat Sourdough
    • 200 g. Wheat Sourdough (schedule below makes 400 g. ...)
    • use strong Wheat Flour for Preparation ("Ruchmehl" in Switzerland or 1050 in Germany)
    • Keep the sourdough starter in a covered plastic box in the fridge - you can do that for 2 weeks without refreshing
    • For Refreshing, i use the following schedule - it gives you 400 g. of starter
    • 2 days before baking day, let the starter relax at room temperature / remove it form the fridge
    • 1 day before baking day take 50 g. of your starter and add 25 g. of flour and 25 g. of Water at 1 pm (let it rest at room temperature)
    • at 9 pm add 50 g. of flour and 50 g. of water
    • at 6 am on the baking day, add 100 g. of flour and 100 g. of water and let it rest until the starter is mature
    • if you are not sure if the starter can be used, take a teaspoon and put in a glass of water - if it sinks down, it is not ready yet. If it stays at the surface - it is ready to use
Preferment (goto Wild Yeast / Wilde Hefe / Preferment / Vorteig)
    • 200 g. (100 g. All Purpose Flour, 100 g. Water)
    • or instead of the preferment just add the 100 g. flour and 100 g. water and 10 g. fresh yeast to the dough
    • Sourdough + Preferment
    • 300 g. Wheat Flour 1050 (Ruchmehl in Switzerland) 
    • 150 g. Water 
    • 11 g. Salt 
Prepare the Sourdough according the schedule above. For the dough, stir together the Sourdough, Preferment, Flour and Water and mix it for 2 to 3 minutes slowly. Let it rest for 30 Minutes (Autolyse).

Kneed the dough for about 10 minutes and add the salt. Continue for 3 Minutes until the dough is smooth. Let it rest for 3 - 4 hours at room temperature (20 to 24 Degree) and make a fold every hour until the volume doubled and the structure of the dough is well developed.
Preshape and let it rest for 15 Minutes. Shape it as Pain Fendu and let it again rest for 30 Minutes at warm temperature (28 degree). Turn it around and finalise the shape (--> Pain Fendu) and let it finally rest for 50 to 60 Minutes at warm temperature. Cover it with plastic to keep it humid.
Bake it at 270 Degree with steam for about 30 Minutes. Lower the temperature after 13 to 15 minutes to 230 degree and release the steam after 20 Minutes.


  1. Lovely crust and crumb! I bet it tastes wonderfully rustic.

  2. Tank you - indeed, the crust gives a rustic flavor and it is really fluffy inside. You dont recognize the sourdough at all. I usually Prefer whole Grain Breads but this one is my absolute favorite.

  3. Wonderful bread. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you. This bread is worth to be tested, i promise you. I have just started with all the swiss recipes and breads and there are many coming up next weeks and month.